Listen and Heed

Listen and Heed

Listen and hear my voice, pay attention and hear my words. —Isaiah 28:23

Click Here to Read Today’s Scripture: Isaiah 28:23-29

When they were little, my twin boys loved to climb, despite the many warnings from my mom and me. One day they were on the mango tree beside our house enjoying themselves. My mom, however, was not so thrilled and insisted I get them down. Words weren’t working, so I proceeded to get a switch—a thin limb from a plant in the yard—and they knew I meant business. The older twin did a quick dangle from one of the tree limbs and promptly jumped down. The other twin, the acrobat, decided he had to add a little extra. He hung onto the limb, swung energetically, and jumped. All I heard was a cracking sound as his unskilled dismount landed him with a fractured arm.

Sometimes fractures occur in our lives because we fail to listen and heed God’s warnings. God has given us His word to guide and protect us.  His advice is for our gain, to give us wisdom for our journey. He says, “Listen and hear my voice, pay attention and hear my words” (Isaiah 28:23).

When we listen to God’s warnings, we receive counsel that is wonderful and wisdom that is great (Isaiah 28:29).  God wants us to avoid all those unnecessary fractures in our lives by listening and taking heed to His warnings.

Reflection: In what ways does God speak to you? What might help you to better hear Him?

Prayer Starter:

Heavenly Father, help me to not only hear but obey your instructions and warnings.

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