Show and Tell
When I was a teen, I visited Harbour Island in the Bahamas. I loved everything about my stay, and when we visited the beach, I was blown away by the sand. It was pink! I never knew pink sand existed. I was so in awe
The Son
Recently, an appliance in my home stopped working, and it seemed that in the entire city there was only one technician who could repair it. Everyone I asked recommended that one gentleman. However,
Thunk, thunk, thunk…. The sound coming from my washing machine made me run back to the laundry room. I recognized that noise. The load of laundry was unbalanced. The washer made a lot of noise dancing
No Hesitation
Just as we were wrapping up Bible study in the park one evening, my friends and I were interrupted by a loud sputtering and rattling sound from the street across from us. Turning to look in the direction of the noise, we saw
Faysi? Or “Faithsy”?
When he was five years old, it seemed my nephew Leon didn’t quite understand that the cold cups in the fridge freezer of his grandpa's restaurant were for sale. He believed the syrupy-sweet frozen treats were
My mom got me the cutest pink toothbrush one day when I was about nine years old. Of course, it wasn’t my first toothbrush, but this one was especially pretty. Its hot pink handle and stout, kid-sized shape grabbed my
Let Loose
The mid-forties gentleman standing at the edge of the ground-level stage at the Gospel Expo was obviously enjoying the dance performance by four young ladies in shiny costumes. He was bobbing his head to the
The Shepherd and His Sheep
Growing up on a farm, I was especially fascinated by the sheep my uncle took care of. He built a pen for them, but somehow they always managed to escape. Sometimes there were 15 to 20 sheep scattered across
A King Without a Crown
In high school, I had a classmate who was always unkempt and seemed to be a timid, weird recluse.  That was the general notion held by a majority of the class, and my interactions with him were at best
The Bible has many descriptive names for Jesus. Emmanuel (Immanuel) touches my heart more than any other. God with us. God came to live among His creations. “The Word became flesh and dwelt
Remembering the Good
The first time my mom and I drove to the Belize-Mexican border, we parked on the Belize side and hired a taxi to take us across to Chetumal. The driver took us to the immigration building at the “old
Glad Tidings
Impatiently waiting in her hospital room to be discharged after her surgery, the young woman heard beautiful singing coming from the building next door. Church, she said to herself. The IV needle
We Are the Church
It is a principle that's repeated often at LifeNet Church: “Church doesn't just happen on Sundays. We are the church.” I was able to experience just what that means shortly after I relocated to
An Epic Scrubbing
We got a new, larger mop bucket the other day, so I decided to clean up the old one and give it to someone who could use it. As I scrubbed away the lime stains with dish soap and baking soda,
Peace, Be Still
It was early morning when I entered the Police Station, the hour for the changeover of shifts. I immediately became annoyed because it sounded like a fish market. People were walking back