An Intentional Prayer
I recently had the pleasure of attending a servant leaders' appreciation dinner at our church.  As the evening was winding down, the host asked our pastor, his wife, and children to come up front and then asked
Communion with a Twist
It was 2022 and the end of a children’s camp here in Belize called Hearing God in Living Color. I had been asked to teach dance sessions to the children and tell of my experiences of getting to know God and
Forgiving Father
“You have to taste my mud soup!” I shouted to my father as we drove home one day after school. When we arrived home, I hopped out of the car, grabbed all the utensils I needed, and ran to the door heading to the
Talking to Myself
I have a confession to make: I talk to myself. In the car, while doing chores at home, shopping, or walking down the street. I talk to myself everywhere. Occasionally, someone catches me at it. I can tell
High Tea in Hot Jungle
The first time I visited the Botanical Garden at Caves Branch, twelve miles south of Belmopan, the experience was so enriching and the spring-like atmosphere so idyllic, I knew I had to return someday to write
A Choice to Make
After living in the jungles of West Africa for three years, my family and I returned to the United States to visit our extended family and churches. We had learned to do without so many things just because they weren't
Praying for Rain
Here in Belize, between March and May we experience our driest months when there’s little to no rainfall. While growing up, my sister Jarelli and I loved the rain because it made the days much cooler. I remember one
In the Commotion
Kalang-galang-galang-galang! The loud noise jarred our family to attention, causing us to drop whatever we were doing and dash toward the river about twenty yards from our house. My father had rigged
My Eyes Are on You
How many times are we in situations where we just don’t know what to do? Everything is going wrong. It seems like everyone is against us. That was Jehoshaphat, one of the few good kings of Judah.
The Master Watchmaker
The Swiss are known for many things: their chocolate, their neutrality, their banking, and their precision watches.  In this age of digital everything, I’m fascinated by the workmanship, detail, and skill in handmade
It’s Not About Us
In 1998, after over 10 years of receiving excellent performance appraisals annually, I was terminated from my job after being accused of belonging to a particular political party. It was a confusing and discouraging time
I did some research and found that small sizes are associated with fearfulness. No wonder when my tiny dog Peepo sees a frog, he growls right at it but scurries quickly behind my legs when the frog pounces back.
Sunday Morning
Around the world, Easter is celebrated with great festivity and feasting, both in the church and in popular culture. Here in Belize, we look forward to special items or decorations at Sunday service; sporting events and
When Silence is Golden
All I wanted was a change of scenery, some form of refreshment after the stress of the semester’s hectic classes and other hustle and bustle of life. Our family trip to Caye Caulker was the perfect solution.
No Condemnation
My three-year-old nephew, Aziel, is at an age where he is very curious about what different things are used for, or how they work. One day, when he was in the kitchen with my mom as she was cooking, he spotted a