My Saturday mornings are usually filled with chores, while the afternoons are a time to relax. However, this one Saturday afternoon took a huge turn. 

My dad had decided to take our small family dog Peepo to the farm with him. Because it was miles away from the city, I was worried that Peepo would either get lost or refuse to listen. So Dad sent me pictures of Peepo throughout the day. I was constantly looking out for them. Around 5 o’clock in the evening, I realized I hadn’t received a picture for some time. I sent my dad a message, and right away he called my mom. My body froze. I read Mom’s troubled face and overheard Dad saying, “Peepo refuses to get in the car to go home. He ran behind me to the farm road but isn’t following me back to the highway so I can grab him.”

I knew this was going to happen. Dad tried giving him a treat but he didn’t want it. He even put us on speaker so Peepo could hear me and Mom, but he still would not budge. We tried every possible thing for about half an hour, but this stubborn dog refused to get in the car to come home. By now it was starting to get dark, and Dad was ready to leave Peepo and return for him the following day. I begged him to wait so Mom and I could go get Peepo. We grabbed the car keys and bolted out the door. 

It was one of the longest drives I’d ever endured. We peeled our eyes open looking for Dad’s car on the highway. After we had searched for an hour, there Dad was, parked on the side of the road with Peepo not even one yard away. All I had to do was swing my door open and Peepo hopped right in. I was so furious. Peepo had ruined our evening and wasted the car’s gas. But, like I said, he is our family dog and we love him. 

After I calmed down in the passenger seat, I gazed out the window at the stars and started laughing. Imagine how much God loves and constantly pursues us

From the very beginning, God has pursued us. When Adam and Eve sinned they ran away from God, but He walked into the garden looking for them (Genesis 3: 8-10). In Luke 15, Jesus tells the story of a shepherd rejoicing when he found his lost sheep, the owner representing our great Shepherd, Jesus. And once again, in Luke 19:10, Jesus says, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” Sometimes we get caught up chasing after love, money, people and all the temporary things the world has to offer because we believe those things are important to us. But God pursues us because we are important to Him. Our relationship with Him is what’s most important. And His love for us is everlasting. 

The miles we drove to pick up Peepo could never measure up to the miles God would go to pursue you and me. Our love for Peepo could never measure up to God’s love for us. The shelter, bed, food and water waiting for Peepo back home could never measure up to the blessings and joy God has in store for us. However, Deuteronomy 4:29 reminds us that we should also seek after Him with all our heart and soul. The pursuit needs to be reciprocal.

Thankfully, our God is constant and pursues us tirelessly. Even though we are stubborn, He swings His door open for us to hop in the car and come home. 

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