Rescued for a Purpose

Rescued for a Purpose

She named him Moses, saying, “I drew him out of the water.” —Exodus 2:10b

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Kenroy knew he should not have been out there in that river. Not only was he cutting school; he couldn't swim! If Ma ever hear 'bout this, he thought as he waded a little farther toward the other boys having a grand time in the deep. He took another tiny step and VOOP! His legs swept from under him as a powerful current pulled him under. The other boys, thinking he was clowning, laughed each time he shot up for air, arms flailing and eyes pleading. Soon he was too tired to fight anymore and felt himself drifting. Someone grabbed him from behind and shoved him back into the shallow. The man seemed to have come from nowhere. None of the boys had noticed him earlier. Today, about twenty years later, Kenroy is a passionate follower of Christ, a ministry leader at his church, and a career police officer.

When I first heard Kenroy’s story, I immediately thought of Moses in the Bible. As a baby, he was rescued from the Nile River after his mother, desperate to save him from King Pharaoh’s genocide of Jewish baby boys, set him adrift in a waterproof basket. The king’s daughter found him and raised him as her son (Exodus 2:1-10). However, it was not until 80yrs after Moses’ rescue that he fully committed his life to God’s service (Acts 7: 23 & 30). As for Kenroy, he shared that while he doesn’t know what exactly is God’s plan for his future, he’s determined in his heart to follow wherever the Lord leads.

God has a special calling on each of our lives. Some of us step fully into it when we are children, others as teens or young adults, and others in our later years. Regardless of the timing, we’re never too young, too old, or too anything for God to use us. All we need is to be willing.

 Reflection: Who do you know that is fully committed to serving God? How does that person’s life encourage you?

Prayer starter:

Lord, help me to discover and willingly fulfill the purposes you have for my life.  

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