Look Up
Recently I bought an ethernet wire to get a stronger connection on my laptop when I'm in my room. I had planned to have it professionally installed from outside the house but decided to run the wire myself
Miners trapped underground, children in a burning house, people standing on top of their houses in rising floodwaters, women being trafficked for sex. They all have one thing in common: they need
Eyes on Him
It was Family Sunday at church, so the children remained in the sanctuary the entire service. After a lively memory verse activity, the leader asked for volunteers to go up front and recite the verse. Quick as a blink
Our family lived on a farm for several years during my childhood. We had a lot of animals, including a huge female pig that became pregnant. Its belly hung almost to the ground. My dad was excited. He believed
A Friend Indeed
As badly as my sister Joan wanted to attend college, she felt it was time to give up on that ambition. This had been her fourth attempt at the entrance exam, and again she had failed. “Try once again,” our dad said.
Carefully Crafted
I was a skinny, bubbly tween with a Nokia phone and a slightly unhealthy obsession with Barbie dolls, starting at a new school after moving from Belize City.  A new school meant new,  brighter beginnings. Or so I
Don’t Be Afraid
Because of fear, it took me many eternities to learn how to ride a bike. At age seven I was finally riding, and after a fun evening zipping about the neighborhood with my friends, I headed home. When I approached
Zero Cavities
Two of my greatest talents as a kid were earning good grades in school and collecting candy at birthday parties. Every birthday party I went to, I’d give my mom two bags to hold: my party bag and a bag of
Come Find Me
When I was nine my family moved 400 miles away from the home, school, church, extended family, and friends I knew so well. We moved to a city I knew nothing about and where I knew no one. Up until
Rescued for a Purpose
Kenroy knew he should not have been out there in that river. Not only was he cutting school; he couldn't swim! If Ma ever hear 'bout this, he thought as he waded a little farther toward the other boys having a
I will never forget the night I learned what it means to have peace that “transcends all understanding.” My husband and I and our two young daughters were living in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa.
When we think of a university student, we usually think of someone who’s broke, and for good reason. Along with hefty tuition fees, living costs continue to soar. All this was heavy on my mind as I completed
A Heart of Forgiveness
I often listen to testimonies of people going through hardship and how they overcame in Christ. I was greatly drawn to the testimony of Joyce Meyer, a woman who endured sexual abuse as a child and
Through Him Who Gives Me Strength
Many of us take advantage of the new year to make fresh starts or recommit to neglected goals: Begin that exercise routine we've been talking about for months. Study the Bible more regularly.
Turn on the Light
Our bedroom light bulb had stopped working three months before it was replaced. I know, that’s ridiculous. It’s not that the bulb was expensive, or that we couldn’t find the right kind or lacked