To See Clearly
My favorite pair of sandals are dual-toned; the insoles and straps are black, while the sides and soles are a bright white. After a day outside, scuff marks and dirt can easily be seen on the white part of the
Good Fruits
I love fruits—apples especially. Not only are they healthful, they’re also convenient. Often times when I’m in a rush to get to work and haven’t had breakfast, I grab an apple to start my day. One morning,
Only One Thing Matters
I knew I was stepping out of my comfort zone when I offered to host a friend’s farewell party. So, on the evening before when a little panic came over me, I sent a distress email to Theresa, another dear
I Will Still Praise Him
I saw the dark, threatening sky ahead as I drove home. The sky seemed to match my emotional state. That week had been excruciating. Life’s pressures seemed overwhelming. I had seldom felt so alone. 
We Want We Wig!
Five of us siblings were in the backyard tossing around a wig that someone had given our mom but she never wore. Isaac was the oldest at ten, followed by Walter, Nigel, Julie, and me, six years old.
In God’s Time
It was Monday night and time to meet with my Net Group; however, I didn’t feel excited as I normally would for our weekly Bible study. It had been a hard two weeks, and the trials seemed to be crowding in
Flung for a Purpose
Seventeen-year-old Isaac hunkered down with Grandpa Jim and cousins Walter and Levy as  Hurricane Hattie battered their large wooden house. Unable to withstand the category 4 force winds, the house
A Service to God
I had always loved reading and writing. There was always a lot on my mind and in my heart that was hard to share with anyone, so writing became my outlet—a safe haven where I could commune with
Techie and Talkie
My mom and I were planning to visit a few Mexican cities; we were familiar with two of them but had never been to the other two. I immediately got on my laptop and phone, booked a bed-and-breakfast,
Created to Do Good Works
About 10 years ago, I built two identical benches from the same wood, both four feet long, both varnished. One of them found its usefulness at the foot of our bed. We use it every day to sit on as we
Come Out
"I can’t find Jordan!” Bethany cried over the phone, pleading for me to join the search for my two-year-old grandson. We combed through the house, over every inch of the yard, desperately calling his name.
The Inside
As I exited the supermarket, I saw an older lady in the parking lot near her car with its hood up. “It just won’t start," she said, visibly distressed. She explained that she lived some 30 miles outside the city and didn't
Color My Life
“Colors make things more aesthetically appealing and perceptually meaningful,” explains Nabiilah Ardini, a data science and visualization enthusiast. I understood this from an early age, being exposed to the
Every Nook and Cranny
My friend Christine agreed to teach me the basics of cake decorating, beginning with “piping.” I knew there was an art to it, but how hard could it be to stuff a bag with frosting and squeeze it out? Turns out, there’s
My Saturday mornings are usually filled with chores, while the afternoons are a time to relax. However, this one Saturday afternoon took a huge turn. My dad had decided to take our small family dog Peepo to the farm