New Mercies
I had carefully selected the pink lace accent, white lace, and pink satin for the Kaftan gown my daughter and I made for me to wear to a friend’s 70th birthday celebration I would be attending. The
Plug it In
Our Writing Team had a meet-up at church where, fueled by coffee, tea, and dessert, we spent two hours hanging out and writing. As soon as he arrived, one writer mentioned that he would need to
Although in Belize we don’t have fall and winter, these days as I go to and from work I see definite signs that the season is changing. As December approaches, the weather is cooler in the mornings
Why I Said Yes – Part 2
I threw myself wholeheartedly into plans to go to Africa. Our baby girl was born, and when she was four months old, the church where we were serving released us to spend part of our time to begin
Why I Said Yes – Part 1
“So, are you going to be a missionary in Africa someday?” my friend asked me one day in the bathroom of our high school. I was 17 years old, and I was that Christian girl—the one who carried her
Confessions of an Introvert
Being only a year and a quarter apart, my sister Julie and I have many friends and acquaintances in common. A few years ago, we visited Dangriga where we lived as children and young adults. We were
The Dorcas Next Door
I have a neighbour who checks on me regularly to make sure I’m doing okay.  She has become a mother to me and my children.  She always gives gifts for our birthdays; she checks in when we are
The Right Time
Climbing was a skill I developed naturally as a child. We had a lot of trees in our family compound, including mango, paw-paw, sour-sop, guava, cashew, avocado, and coconut. We also had a garden
IN THE WORD With Jadine Fritzler
Last month, we gleaned some wonderful insights from Pastor Craig Fritzler in our debut presentation of IN THE WORD.... Later, we had the pleasure of also hearing from his wife Jadine as they sat with
Coffee and Jesus
“Just a little bit,” I said as I made myself a hot cup of Colombian Vanilla coffee one morning. “A little bit can’t possibly kill me.” A few minutes later, my heart was racing. The back of my neck became tight and
Spring Breakup
It was spring, and the ice on the river was just breaking up along the shore. The boy, about eleven years old, kept asking his father if he could go fishing as the salmon were expected to start their yearly run up
How Great is His Love
When I was a child, each summer I visited my mom's side of the family in Honduras, about two hours from Belize by ferry. Being a daddy’s girl, this made me sad because I would not be able to see him for
Listen and Heed
When they were little, my twin boys loved to climb, despite the many warnings from my mom and me. One day they were on the mango tree beside our house enjoying themselves. My mom, however, was not
The last time I visited my dad in The Bahamas,  I decided to join him for his morning walk-runs on the beach. I wasn't as fit or disciplined as he was, so one morning I fell way behind. Besides
IN THE WORD with Pastor Craig Fritzler
As we approach the third anniversary of the LifeNet Blog this October,  posts will occasionally include conversations with members of LifeNet Church as they encourage us to spend time with God