Living Water Over The “Drip”

By Bethany Godoy

Living Water Over The “Drip”

Bethany Godoy

7 OCT 2020

We have found ourselves in a season of life we never imagined. We are continually having to pivot, learn a new way of life and find ways to cope. I’m sure you’ve felt dry, weary and burnt out at some point during this quarantine, and I’m here to tell you that God is bringing rain to your drought. 

Quiz yourself to see if you have been “Living for the Drip”

1. Are you feeling empty and dry?

2. Are you living off of a word spoken to you or a message you heard over a week ago?

3. Are you trying to pour from an empty cup? 

If you related to one (or all!) of these questions, I have good news for you, and it’s much simpler than we make it out to be. The answer- Jesus. I told you it was simple. 

“The water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life” John 4:14

Living water isn’t just for eternal life, it’s for this life. But when I am not living in the overflow of Gods living water, I live in a desert of my own making. Instead of drawing from the deep wells of God, I go chasing mirages of things that never satisfy. 

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13

Jesus has already done his part, it’s time for us to seek and go into the deep! We have an ocean of God’s love, peace and joy at our disposal, let’s not settle for sitting on the shore getting our toes wet. Time to wholeheartedly seek him and chase after that wave of living water. 

There is no drought in the kingdom of God. 

There is no shortage in His supply. 

His well is deep and never runs dry, even in a pandemic.

Bethany Godoy

LifeNet Church