It’s Advent Season!

By Pastor Kudzai Pahwaringira

It’s Advent Season!

Pastor Kudzai Pahwaringira

10 DEC 2020

Every year we celebrate the Advent Season but what is it’s significance? There is a great history behind the Advent season, which is this the four week period of preparation as we anticipate the coming of Jesus Christ. We already know Jesus was born into this world when he came to save us, that was his first coming. As believers of the gospel we celebrate the coming of Jesus in our hearts and we look forward to his second return, as the soon and coming King!

As we wait it’s easy to get lost in preparation, in the pressure and many surprises we meet along the way, but let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, who is our hope and the promise keeper. Christmas can be flooded by red and green lights, it can make for many great memories and happiness. Happiness is a good thing, but the JOY of the Lord is what builds our strength. The Joy of Christ is present in being with Him, it remains even when the external things keep changing.

This year Christmas may look different, but thankfully Jesus remains the same. Moments of doubt can shake our faith, but as our faith is shaken, let Jesus use those moments to increase your faith! Our lives may always have different times of pressure but allow Jesus to move you into your purpose! We celebrate this season as a reminder that we are in this world but we are not of this world, Jesus is coming back for His Church! Start to declare that every trial will launch you into your purpose!

Practice, applying the right kind of pressure back into every season. Ask the Lord for wisdom, to know when to slow down, when to say Yes and when to say No, ask Him for the strength to fast, ask him for the boldness to push back the enemy when he tries to fill your mind! Pray Always!

Praise God, that he has sent Jesus as your Savior and Friend! Receive the Lords JOY freely! Prepare to receive Him always!

May the Lord’s Strength and Peace remain with you,

Pastor Kudzai