Empowered Through Healing

By Kelston Jacobs

Empowered Through Healing

Kelston Jacobs

28 JAN 2021

I remember the days we lost our babies like they happened a couple days ago. I remember feeling angry, lost, broken, depressed and hopeless. I remember thinking that I will never get through this. I felt like God let me down and disowned me. I felt like I wasn’t getting the love I thought I needed from certain people. I felt like everywhere I turned, that sinking feeling of depression wasn’t far behind.

I felt alone…

Have you ever experienced the death of a loved one? Been through a tough divorce? Lost contact with a friend out of nowhere? Battled depression day in and day out? Struggled with anxiety? Have you ever felt abandoned by God…? Then there’s a good chance you’ve experienced some of the same mental, emotional and spiritual wars that I’ve been through. Chances are you’re going through a battle right now.

It’s never easy, but I was wondering if I could possibly encourage you somehow? You see I’m in a much better place now, and I truly believe that if God can pull me of all people out of the darkness, that He can do the same for you. Over the years I’ve been able to pinpoint times in my brokenness, when I felt like God wasn’t hearing, that He was in fact right there with me.

Because God is near to the brokenhearted.

That may not be your reality right now, but He really is. Do not be afraid to let Him know how you feel. The song says to cast your burdens on Him. He is one who has such broad shoulders that He can handle your rage, confusion, sorrow, and deep pain. Let him know how you feel. I promise you that He will let you know, when the time is right, that He understands your hurt. How will He do that for you? I honestly don’t know. You are different from me. God is personal. You will know when He’s reaching out to you.

Don’t be afraid to take His hand.

And if you feel that tug in your heart from Him, and you feel like you are not ready, then that’s OK too. God is also a gentleman. He will not force himself on you. But He is a pursuer, and I promise you that He will run after you for all the days of your life.

For the church: We have such a great opportunity to reach out to our friends struggling with their mental, emotional and spiritual health. I encourage to be quick to listen, and slow to speak. Love people with an unconditional love, modelling after the God that we serve. Be careful about comparing your struggles to that of your friend, saying that you had it worst. You never know how deep the pain is rooted in their heart. Instead be a shoulder for them to lean on. You never know when you will need their shoulder to lean on in the future. Love God, and love people. This is our greatest mission…