Celebrate Jesus More

By Pastor Kudzai Pahwaringira

Celebrate Jesus More

Pastor Kudzai Pahwaringira

10 MAR 2021

As LifeNet celebrates 10 years we are thankful that you have been part of this journey with us! It is only possible through Jesus! Let’s celebrate Our God of big and small moments. Our God through the hard and easy times and Our God of the Hills and valleys! In everything let us give Him thanks, and let us tell Him everything so that His peace will guard our hearts! Philippians 4:6-7

Time passes and we go through different seasons. We may not realize how much we have grown or see how the things which were once difficult have become easy! By easy I really mean, that by God’s grace we are teachable and embrace each challenge as the stretching that we need to grow, and we discover that God has more for us. When we step into our calling through God’s strength, what seemed impossible becomes possible. Today take a moment to celebrate what God made possible!

We always need to move in the direction which God is leading. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. If you are seeking His direction today, Ask Him through faith and he will reveal Himself to you. As you discover what God is doing and what he wants to do through you, you will begin to appreciate what this means for others. As the body of Christ, the great commission commands us to go out into the world and to make disciples. When we are in Christ, we are in the business of leading others to Christ; of encouraging spirit-filled lives; of walking in meaningful relationships; of empowering others to walk in their gifting and calling through the power of Jesus Christ. We are in the business of launching people forward, never holding them back.

Today thank God for everything, invite Him into everything and believe Him with everything!

Celebrate Jesus more,

Pastor Kudzai.