Are We Sustainable?

By Pastor Kudzai Pahwaringira

Are We Sustainable?

Pastor Kudzai Pahwaringira

21 OCT 2020

2 Timothy 4:7 I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Additional Scripture: Isaiah 40:31; 2 Corinthians 4:16

Each day we have the opportunity to ask; Am I fighting the good fight? Am I running my race in such a way that I can finish well? Am I still in love with Jesus? When we are running we soon discover we need to pace ourselves, have the right attitude and walk in God’s sustainable plan in order to build endurance for the long run. If not the hardships of our journey may soon discourage us from following Christ.

Do not be discouraged, Jesus is with you and wants to Refresh you each day as you walk with him! We can learn to depend on Him as we become aware of our own limitations. Our limits remind us why we need God, and as we walk in that awareness we create room for Him to fill us with new strength. There is no need to worry over things we do not understand and burdens which are too heavy for us to carry. It is unsustainable for us to try and carry all of life’s challenges alone, we are simply not meant to. Instead God invites us to wait and trust in Him, He is ready and willing to renew our Strength!

And how do we develop a habit of trusting God? By allowing ourselves to enter into His Rest. It is admitting that we may become to busy to invite him, too impatient to wait and sometimes too fearful to be still. But faith in Christ produces our hope for each day. When that hope is present we get to see God be God and He carries us through. God is faithful till the end!

Ask yourself; Can I afford to have this kind of attitude? Are my choices today going to produce the life God desires for me? Our choices outside of the Hope of Christ will soon run us empty but our choices through the power of Christ will lead us to renewal! Start to praise God, as you ask Jesus is making a way for you!

Pray; that God develops the right attitude within you, to trust in Him. That He creates the discipline to wait, and the endurance to serve Him daily! Then receive Him freely as He pours out His strength in you today!

Wait on Jesus!

Pastor Kudzai