Discipleship Resources  
  The Discipleship Equipping Track: [3 Fold Process]  
  Below you will find our discipleship track. All the information is in MS Word and PDF. Feel free to adapt the material for your church or ministry. I would simply ask that the information is not sold, simply used for the discipleship o God’s people. Please send me an email letting me know that you have used our material. It just blesses me to know that this information is being used for the Kingdom.
Please understand that discipleship is not about a manual or a class. True discipleship flows through relationships. A manual, by itself, is not a proper means for true discipleship. True discipleship is about living out a daily lifestyle of Jesus. This was Jesus’ model with the twelve disciples. He taught them, through His actions, to go out and do likewise (John 13:1-17). These manuals are simply a systematic tool for relational discipleship to occur.

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